The Backyard

A haven in the middle of Uppsala!

Welcome to The Backyard, at Lingon we just love Swedish summer!

Every summer we open restaurant Lingon’s popular patio The Backyard, a haven in the middle of Uppsala where you can enjoy The Fyris River close by, sunny evenings and no disturbing traffic nearby. Since we are located in Sweden we provide shelter for the elements such as huge parasols that are watertight in case of rain, many heaters for cold nights, and many cozy blankets to wrap around you. On clear days The Backyard is soaked in sunshine and the huge parasols offers well needed shadow in parts of the patio instead.

We also keep a nice lounge with comfortable sofas and two bars where skilled bartenders provide all the drinks you might desire.

In The Backyard we serve lunch and dinner seven days a week. In our dinner menu you will always find some fresh and light dishes during summer, but of course you also find rustic meat dishes and delicious fish dishes. We always offer at least one completely vegetarian starter and one vegetarian main course, as well as we offer a new tasty vegetarian dish on the lunch menu every week. During summer, as always, we focus on the Swedish cuisine with Swedish food and Swedish flavors.

Every now and then during summer you can enjoy livemusic in The Backyard after dinner service. If you sign up for our newsletter you will not risk missing out on a great gig. You can also like us on Facebook where we advertise our events on our fan page. Or you can browse our website now and then.

Welcome to The Backyard, at Lingon we just love Swedish summer!