À la carte

Every day from 5 pm, welcome!

The Summer Menu 2017

The Mozzarella | 120
Sliced tomato with olive oil, balsamico, roasted pine nuts, and basil, served with a whole mozzarella cheese
The Potato Pancake | 190
Vendace roe on potato pancake served with crème fraiche, chopped red onion, lemon, and dill
The Tartar | 140
Salmon tartar served with chopped red onion, capers, Dijon, dill, lemon, and thinly sliced white asparagus
The Small Beef | 140
Beef carpaccio with roasted pine nuts, arugula, aged Italian cheese, balsamico, and olive oil

The Char | 260
Seared char served with blanched vegetables and browned hollandaise sauce
The Cod | 220
Minced shrimp filled cod with new potatoes, melted butter, green peas, and shredded horseradish
The Big Beef | 350
200 gram of the finest tenderloin with oven-roasted almond potatoes, green pepper sauce, and French beans
The Lamb | 260
Lamb served with truffle seasoned potato puré, roasted baby carrots, and thyme scented red wine jus
The Meatballs | 190
Lingon’s legendary meatballs served as always with potato purée, cream sauce, pickled cucumber, and lingonberries
The Vegan | 220
Cabbage drum filled with minced beans and mushrooms served with oven roasted almond potatoes and rich tomato sauce

The Blueberry | 90
Blåbärspaj med vaniljsås
The Raspberry | 60
Hallonsorbet med blandade färska bär
The Strawberry | 80
Vanilla ice-cream with fresh strawberries
Tryffeln | 40

Small but delightful chocolate truffle
for an extra 90 SEK served with coffee & avec of your choice

Served whole day during weekends and weekdays from 3 pm, also during dinner service

The Salad | 190
Classic Caesar salad served with chicken and crisp bacon
The Shrimp Sandwich | 170
Hand peeled shrimp on white bread with boiled egg, dill, mayonnaise, and lemon
The Salmon | 160
Gravlax, dill-creamed potatoes, dill & mustard dressing, and lemon
The Burger | 190
Vegetarian halloumi burger with tomato, crisp salad, pickles, dressing, and fries

The Sides
Bread & Butter | 45
Salad & Vinaifrette | 45
Fries & Mayo | 45
Lingonberries | 25